namedescriptionlast commit
acromake acronyms w/ your friends on irc2022-06-21 04:15
ai.nvimquery LLMs directly in neovim2024-05-26 17:15
paste.rj1.supersonal *bin clone2022-12-09 08:34
stagitmy custom stagit fork2022-12-06 22:29
dotsmy configuration files2024-06-06 04:53
ircart2html cli utility to convert irc art to html 2022-12-11 07:54
aocmy advent of code submissions2022-12-08 18:40
chatgpt-ircchatgpt via irc2023-03-06 15:31
znc-oneway-relayznc module to relay chats from one channel to another2022-08-17 22:27
rateprowlerhttp rate limit tester2023-03-10 07:08
commentgptgenerate comments for youtube videos using chatgpt2023-04-25 09:19
rj1.sumy website2022-12-14 07:15
recaptcha-prankrecaptcha lookalike prank2023-05-25 09:07
rofimpdbarebones mpd client (rofi + mpc)2022-12-29 04:28
maildira Maildir implementation in PHP2022-12-05 18:20
post_imagebrowser extension to share images quickly2023-05-22 02:57